Planning and Starting Your New Soccer Team

If you are meeting your new soccer team and starting practice next week, here are five ideas to help you get off to a good start.

1. Plan out your seasonal year, including league matches, training times, tournament travel and scrimmages. Talk it over with your club coaching director and a parent or two.

2. Be first to make arrangements with other coaches for scrimmages and with your club field assignor for any extra training time or scrimmage times on your fields. (Hint: always be nice to your field assignor)

3. Communicate your plan to your parents on paper and in person after your first practice. Keep it simple and friendly.

4. Start your first practice on time and stop on time. Don't wait for late arrivers at this practice or any other.

5. Whether players arrive on time or late, greet each one personally by name at this practice, and every practice to follow.

6. Meet your parents and find a loyal, enthusiastic, and well-organized team manager who is a good communicator, leader among parents, and who has a good attitude.

7. As you meet your parents, consider it a sales call. First impressions are important. Don't talk about what you need until you find out all about the parents and players.

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