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Bruce Brownlee's Soccer Coaching Notes began as a youth soccer coaching notebook in 1991. Articles and handouts from notebooks and other coaching web sites by the same author were collected together into an online notebook that could be accessed from home or office in 1997. This site was built just for fun starting in 1997 at a popular soccer club site, and moved to BruceBrownlee.com location in 1999. Lots of other miscellaneous content wass been added over time, mostly through posting of questions answered for coaches who wrote in for assistance.

The site content was moved to SoccerCoachingNotes.com on 22 September 2008, the first full day of Autumn.

Today, SoccerCoachingNotes.com offer ideas about coaching soccer, especially the role of the youth soccer coach, with articles on tactical training, technical training, coaching girl's soccer, team management, game day preparation, and dealing with soccer match hazards.

Some of the better known topics youth soccer coaches find here are a coaching guide, tactics, technique, youth soccer training, coaching girls, team management, girl's and boys youth soccer clubs, coaching links, college soccer team links, college recruiting information, ball skills, vendors, NSCAA clinics, proprioception training for soccer, team defending, team attacking, pressure shape and transition, crossing attack, tryouts, five dot training, tournaments, tournament travel, confidence for girl players, 4-4-2, heading, crossing attack, attacking moves, player evaluations, possession, technical training threads, Six Things Parents Should Say, team defense, team attacking, flat back four, and shielding the ball.

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