Coaches and Managers Calling the Team

Getting an accurate, timely, and specific message out to your players and parents is a critical task that either brings your team together to work on a common goal, or, if done poorly, confuses the team or creates disharmony and conflict.

Calling your team to relay a routine messages can be one of the most hazardous tasks you may ever encounter as a coach.

New coaches are often excited to call all the team's parents to relay practice schedule information or field location instructions for weekend matches. This enjoyment soon wears off because coaches quickly learn that every household has at least three agendas:

  • Dad - Thanks for the driving directions. If you don't mind, I was wondering if we could talk about getting Shannon more playing time at striker?
  • Mom - Why do we have an extra practice on Sunday this week? We wanted to go shopping.
  • Shannon - I can come to practice on Sunday, I hate shopping with my parents. Can I leave practice early Friday night? I want to go to the high school football game.

Club Directors and League Administrators Calling Staff

When things go well, calls to staff members and team managers be simple and quick. However, more often, calls to staff and team managers about allocating training time and field space, dealing with bad weather, field closures, game changes, making referee assignments, changing training assignments, dealing with player transfers, and handling staffing problems can be a nightmare for league administrators and club coaching directors.

Tips for Calling Your Soccer Team, Club, or League

  1. Skip the jokes and the introductory conversation. Let each person who answers know that your calling the whole team (or club) and only have a minute to pass on the message.
  2. In the message, stick to the facts. Who, what, when, where, how, and why.
  3. Keep it short, and keep it positive.
  4. Stick to a script so your message is short and so that everyone gets the same information.
  5. Defer other discussions. Offer to meet at the field after practice so that you can get through your calling list before everyone goes to bed.
  6. Keep track of who got the message, and who didn't, so that you can follow up.
  7. Use an affordable and reliable service like One Call Now automated phone messaging service to reach your team or club. You can create a phone number list in advance for each team, including home, work, and cell numbers. Then, when it's time to call, record your message from a script, select the list or lists to use, and let the automated service place all your calls. One Call Now has single sports team plans, travel team calling plans, and a recreational league plan, so there's an right-sized plan for each need.
  8. Plan ahead to avoid last minute calls. If you find yourself making the same last-minute change every week, it's probably something you should be sending home in a handout at the end of your first practice of the week.