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Many teams have a few players who are shy or reluctant to communicate, no matter how much encouragement the coach provides.

There are a variety of training games that require communication in a fun setting. Here's an example we wrote up and tried this winter, it was a lot of fun.  Here's a blind-folded relay race that requires communication between players.

The Relay Race

  1. Group your 16 players into 4 lines with 2 pairs in each line.
  2. Position the lines 5 yards apart, facing space.
  3. In front of each line, place 3 gates. Put a gate down about every 5 yards. Each gate is 2 cones on the ground, about a foot apart.
  4. One pair from each lines starts a relay race. One partner covers eyes with a sweatshirt tied with sleeves behind the head, places a ball between feet. When the race starts, the sighted partner must serve as tour guide, and talk the blindfolded partner through the gates by voice. The tour guide can not touch the ball or the blindfolded partner.
  5. When the pair have navigated the 3 gates, they quickly change roles, navigating the 3 gates in the reverse direction, returning the ball to their line.
  6. When the first pair return to line, the second pair take their turn.
  7. Lines compete to be first to return both pairs and the ball to the line after navigating the gates in both directions.

Shorten up the distance between gates for younger ages, and stagger the gates left and right for older ages to make it more difficult. The objective is to encourage communication, so don't make anybody feel like a loser for not doing well, it's just for fun.

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