About the List

Soccer-Coach-L is a Listserv mailing list devoted to sharing of soccer coaching ideas and information. List membership is free and open to all soccer coaches, but the list discussions are to remain civilized and relevant to the basics of training, team management, player development, tournaments and travel, injury prevention and rehabilitation, coach development, training reference material, books, video tapes, clinics and clinicians, and related subjects of interest to soccer coaches. Miscreants who stray get friendly reminders from the list administrator, or lose their list membership.

Soccer-Coach-L is managed by David Graham, at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. It currently serves about a thousand soccer coaches in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and in the European nations. Most of the coaches are youth and club coaches, although there are a number of college coaches who are either active contributors or lurkers who just read messages posted.

Listserv lists operate as E-mail distribution systems. The interested new coach first subscribes by sending a SUBSCRIBE E-mail to the administrative address for the list. The coach's E-mail address is then added to the soccer coach list. After this, each E-mail sent to the list by member coach is copied by the list server to the new coach, and to every other member of Soccer-Coach-L.

Many list members use a mail package with an E-mail filter that routes every E-mail received from the soccer coach list to a mail box on the list member's computer. Within the mail box, the list member can read all the messages and replies sent by other members in a lively discussion.

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Join the list now to get access to help and information from other coaches who are dealing with the same player, parent, and training issues you face each season. For instructions, check out the Soccer-Coach-L web page, FAQ's, and Archives. You can search the archives to find out the answers to questions for problems that you are experiencing, or to get new training or team management ideas.