The Goal.

Backing Up

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Passing Circle. Passing Circle  Players facing inward, standing on the edge of a large cone circle with one cone between each pair of players. Players pass ball around the outside of circle in clockwise direction. As nearest player receives ball, next player backs out of circle, shifts weight to toes, shows front foot away from ball as receiving surface. On receiving pass, each player stops with left foot, plays away on next touch with right foot. Change direction of travel and passing foot.

Backing into supporting position  Groups of 3 players with 1 ball, organized as two end players 15 yards apart and a runner. 

Backing Up Support Run. Runner backs into position supporting end player with ball.  End player drops pass to runner, who passes to opposite end player.  Runner sprints to other end, turns and backs up into supporting position, repeats.

2v1 Backing Up. 2v1 to space with one ball  Defender pressures back to goal attacker.  Attacking player with ball approaches on the dribble.  Back-to-goal attacker spins out and backs out of space to set up simple wall pass.  Alternatively, back-to-goal attacker can start side by side with defender and simply back out to unsight defender.

2v1 to goal  Same setup, add keeper and goalie, play live to goal.  Leave striker defender in for six balls, rotate.  Either attacking player can score.