The Goal.


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A counterattack is a special type of attack to the opponent's goal. The counterattack has two important features.

  • The counterattack begins, at speed, at the moment the ball is won. There is no build up, no attempt to maintain possession or to move the ball about the back of the team to change the point of attack or to relieve pressure. The counterattack is designed to cut through pressure quickly and to beat pressure directly, at the risk of losing possession quickly.
  • During the counterattack, the ball should not stop moving forward, at full pace, toward the opponent's goal. Because the ball is played forward at full pace, and because intervening defenders are dealt with directly, all opponents who are farther from their own goal than the ball when the counterattack begins will be unable to defend. Only those defenders between the ball and the goal at the moment the counterattack begins need to be defeated, so the counterattacking side will attempt to go by them, taking any risk needed to get a shot. By attacking directly through each opposing defender in the way, either with attacking moves or quick combination play, each opposing defender is given only one chance to stop the counterattack, and most probably each will be forced to tackle. One defender beaten and a missed tackle or two results in a shot.

Counterattack After Defending a Corner

One of the best times to counterattack and score a goal is after the opponents attempt a corner kick.  Normally opponents press a large number of players into the penalty area and commit most of their players forward. 

Read Counterattack After Defending a Corner for ideas and exercises to improve your team's chances of scoring after the opponents take a corner.