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Team Defense for Soccer Coaches

You'll learn here how to start teaching your soccer team how to defend as a team. If you are a new soccer coach, or if you are an established soccer coach who needs to find a way to get your youth soccer team to the next level, the section following will help you understand team defense for soccer. Understanding the basics will help you select appropriate soccer training, soccer drills, and soccer games to help your team play better. With great team defense, you'll win more matches and have more fun in your club or league soccer matches and at soccer tournaments.

Team Defending in Soccer

Team defense requires coordination. The individual defenders must be coached not only about individual defending, including marking, covering, and tracking, but also about how to move in concert as a team, at the moment the team moves, not later.

When the players on your youth soccer team learn to defend together, to get pressure on the ball at all times, to regain shape quickly when one of your defending players is beaten, to work together to bring the soccer ball out of the back and to counterattack effectively once the ball is won, then your soccer team will be able to play a very respectable match and have a chance to win against any quality soccer team.

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Would you like to really understand the simple basics of team defending in soccer so that you can explain it clearly to your team, in simple terms?

When your soccer team is giving up too many goals, can you really see what's going wrong? Could you explain how a flat back four works?

Have you wondered what "backs on" means? Do you actually know where your defenders should be with respect to the ball as the opposing team moves the point of attack from one side to the other?

Download Team Defending.pdf to read practical details on how to coach your defenders, and to be able to understand how your defenders should play in the soccer game you coach on game day. This is our best guide on team defense, and its written for coaches, not players. It's not a training book, its a learning book.

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