Walking On.Each of the youth soccer coaching articles linked below offers some helpful advice about teaching soccer tactics to youth soccer players. Coaching youth soccer is fun, but it is also challenging. It is challenging because although young players can learn quickly if the teaching approach is appropriate, it is not always obvious to adults beginning as soccer coaches what "appropriate" means. Oddly, this applies nearly as often to professional players becoming coaches as it does to parents becoming coaches.

Keys to Teaching Tactics

The keys to success in teaching soccer tactics to youth players are these:

  • Teach simple soccer tactics that the players can use with the skills they possess.
  • Teach basic soccer tactics that are appropriate to the players' age and match.
  • Use simple, direct, and unambiguous language, and keep it brief - no long lectures, no sarcasm that could be misinterpreted, no jargon. Speak carefully and be specific and brief.
  • Seeing is better than hearing. Doing is better than seeing. So, introduce your topic, show it, and get the kids doing it quickly.
  • Teach one tactical idea at a time. Don't make a distraction by making other corrections.



Organizing the Team