It can be discouraging to observe your youth soccer players struggling to deal with balls dropping to their feet from punts or clears during your soccer match.  In many circumstances, skilled players take advantage of a simple elevator settle or a settle with a turn at the bottom to take the ball off the line of play and to shield the ball.  Excellent players can do this technique very quickly.  Once this technique is mastered, move on to kills (semi-controls), which can be used under greater pressure. 

It is easy to speed up settling progress by using Mercur Brasilian Futebols or other small balls to accomplish a progress, before repeating the progression with a full size ball.  The simple elevator settle progression below is a teaching plan that might not get good USSF marks because it dwells in the fundamental stage a long time.

  1. Individuals with ball, player places ball on foot and lowers to ground.

  2. Individuals with ball, player brings ball and foot waist high in one motion, and lets foot catch ball and lower ball to ground.  In this situation, ball only pops up about 6 inches above foot.

  3. Individuals with ball, player tosses ball chest high with two hands, lowers ball to foot with instep.

  4. Partner serve at 5 yards, player settles to feet, alternate foot. Coach tours, corrects, encourages.
  5. Partner serve at 10 yards (serves will be less accurate, settler must move to line of play).
  6. Partner serve at 10 yards, player in 5x5 grid (4 cones) must settle completely within space.
  7. Partner serve at 10 yards and pursue down line of play - light pressure -settle and change places. Increase pressure so that settler must settle and play ball off line of play in one motion to maintain possession.
  8. Groups of 3, server, settler, opponent. Settler checks away to cone, then back to ball for settle. Opponent puts on back pressure. Increase from light pressure as players get success. Change roles.
  9. Play soccer volleyball over a Coerver wall. Team serves by punting over wall. Opponents must settle first time or head back. Balls not settled or not headed back score for serving side. Alternate serve.
  10. Two settlers, one at either post, keeper with footballs in goal. Keeper punts to top of 18. Settlers pursue ball and compete to settle, turn, and shoot.
  11. Two settlers outside 18, working together. Keeper in goal with supply of balls, line of opponents at one post. Keeper punts outside 18, settlers work to control, get shot. Opponent works to pressure settle, win ball.
  12. Add a second defender to 8.
  13. Add a second goal and goalie with footballs. Start each service with a punt or throw that could be settled. Play in the middle.