Soccer Vendors

These soccer vendors may be able to provide helpful tools, equipment, books, videos, training equipment, soccer supplies, camps, mental skills training, software, and services for soccer coaches and soccer teams. international toll free numbers and virtual call centers.AVOXI provides international toll free phone numbers,virtual PBX serviceand virtual call center service that you can rent for pennies a day. With a toll free international number from AVOXI, you can take calls for your soccer camp or clinic from anywhere in the world for a low monthly cost. And if you have a day job, you can use an AVOXI cloud-based PBX to handle your incoming calls, with no equipment at your office. Just a simple monthly service like GoToMeeting, and all your calls can be routed to your office, home office, cell phone, or voicemail. Visit automated phone message service for sports teams and leagues.The One Call Now™ phone message service delivers automated phone calls, within minutes to all your soccer team parents and players. You just set up your phone list one time. Then, when it's time to call, record a simple message and send it to your your team with one click. One Call Now has an affordable 4-month plan that covers the season, and other travel team plans, as well as a plan for the entire club or league.

Specialty Engraving - Sports and Corporate Awards Specialty Engraving

Specialty Engraving provides sports awards, apparel, corporate awards, and promotional goods.

Code Four Athletics Soccer Uniforms

Code Four Athletics.The friendly folks at Code Four Athletics offer their own Code Four brand of soccer uniforms, jerseys, warm-ups, shorts and soccer gear directly to teams and clubs.

Sporting Software

Sporting Software offers ten or more software titles for training and team management.

Soccer Mercato

Offers postings for coaches seeking teams, and teams seeking coaches.

Trophy Awards

Provides crystal and resin awards, awards plaques, and trophies for soccer, including personalized (individual player) awards for recognizing team participation and accomplishments.

123 Greetings Soccer E-Cards

Offers online greeting cards that can be e-mailed to coaches, parents, and players.

Soccer Balls, Equipment, Supplies, and Training Gear

One of your first duties on a new team in the younger ages is to round up and discard the hard plastic balls well-meaning parents purchased at Walmart. It is surprising that there are not yet reports of fatalities from use of these $8.99 balls during heading exercises on cold days in October.

If you training youth soccer players up through U17, you'd be months ahead to order your kids a box of Mercur Brasilian Futebols. These balls are the size of a grapefruit and inflate only to 3 or 4 PSI, and make teaching foot skills, passing, and running with the ball pleasurable and entertaining.  They also require extra attention and focus on correct technique, and using them gets more technique training done in a shorter amount of time.

  • Brasilian Futebol USA - Mercur Brasilian Futebols (training balls)
  • Code Four Athletics soccer uniforms
  • TSI/Eurosport - soccer sports goods
  • Perform Better - Source for harnesses, heavy balls, bands, resistance devices, parachutes, balance beams, K-boards, wobble boards, balance pads, strength shoes, pads, heart rate watches, speed step equipment, fat assessment tools, cones, books and videos, glide boards, weights of all types, plyometric steps, plyometric boxes, adjustable hurdles, Thera-Bands , and more.  This is M-F Athletic Company, Post Office Box 8090, Cranston  RI  02920, 800-556-7464.
  • Power Systems - Has a great deal of the same equipment as Perform Better, including Airex Balance Pads, bands, weights, harnesses, rehab and training gear of all kind, mats, books, videos, aerobic and plyometric equipment.  PO Box 31709, Knoxville, Tennessee 37930.  800-321-6975.
  • Soccer Monster - some coaching clothing, OK if you can get by the musical introduction.
  • SoccerStore - Footwear, Shirts, Books, Tapes, Equipment

Coaching Books and Videos

Soccer Camps and Trainers

A wide variety of soccer camps and soccer trainers are available nationwide.  We list a few links to camps here.  In addition, there are links to sports psychology services that will work with your players or team.

number 1 camps.Joe Machnik's No. 1 Camps



competitive advantage.Dr. Alan Goldberg - Competitive Advantage

mental game plan.Mental Game Plan (sports psychology and mental skills)

Soccer Coaching Journals

  • Performance Conditioning for Soccer - practical training, fitness, conditioning, nutrition, weight training, injury rehab, periodization, and everything you need to create a soccer fitness plan for your team. Down to earth illustrations and lists of exercises. This is not theory, this is read it, photocopy it, and take it to training stuff.
  • NSCAA Soccer Journal - career, news, coaching ideas, access to clinics, a great resource to get connected to soccer in the US
  • Success in Soccer is an amazingly focused coaching journal with a direct spotlight on practical training - what happens on the field during training sessions. It is translated from German and is to appear 6 times a year.

Soccer Facilities

Cocoa Expo Center logo.

Cocoa Expo Center - Multi-sport center with soccer facilities for training and tournaments near Cocoa Beach, FL.

Maryland Soccerplex logo. Maryland Soccerplex - Premier outdoor facility used for Nationals, WAGS, and Bethesda tournaments, among others.

Mike Rose Soccer Complex logo.

Mike Rose Soccer Complex - Memphis, Tennessee area facility actually located in Germantown.

Soccer Academy Logo.
Soccer Academy - 327 Arcado Road, Lilburn, GA 30047, (770)-925-4404. Indoor and outdoor fields. Specialty soccer store. Restrooms and parking.
Soccer Centre logo. Soccer Centre - Fayetteville, Georgia.  Offering indoor play year-round, speed and strength training.

Wolfs Indoor Soccer logo.

Wolfs Indoor Soccer - 1126 King Industrial Drive, Marietta GA 30062.  Phone: 770-427-0640.

Sports Medicine and Fitness Vendors

  • Vern Gambetta - top notch fitness specialist with tapes, camps, books, seminars and lots of emphasis on leg development
  • Hughston Clinic - lots of sports medicine information and archives of articles about rehabilitation and injury prevention.  Atlanta and Georgia.
  • Resurgens Orthopaedics - Orthopaedics services in Atlanta.
  • Allegro Medical Supplies - Online ordering, quick delivery like