Saturday Lawn Chair Brigade Rules Again

Kids with shin guards that reach the bottom of their shorts.

Team managers with coolers with Capri Sun and granola bars for all the kids.

Fresh paint and new soccer nets adorn the soccer goals. New corner flags wave in the breeze at the far ends of the field.

Bored teenage referees trying to keep order in U8 3v3 games.

Hyper excited dads running up and down the line, convinced they have the next Mia Hamm or Clint Mathis right there on the field, just 9 years old.

Relaxed dads in lawn chairs with the sports section. How 'bout them Dawgs and What Happened to the Cubs? Hey, everybody has the new lawn chair with the larger seat and a cup holder - it's time to upgrade.

The soccer team cheers before the game. Coach has them all fired up.

U11 girls goalkeepers getting their hair caught in the net trying to get the ball out.

Uninterested older brothers throwing a baseball with dad beside the field. You are glad that they didn't bring the lawn darts out like last fall, that was fairly dangerous.

Moms with a stroller and a baby carrier, jumping up and down with excitement as their favorite player scores in the small-sided game.

Teenage rec players taking a moment before the second half starts to make plans for after the game.

The players, look great in new uniforms, but the coach looks like he's gained 10 pounds since the spring end of season party. Maybe he stayed back at the restaurant too long.

Here comes the team manager with handouts about the soccer team fundraiser for the big soccer tournament in Texas at Thanksgiving.

Team photos are next week!

Ah yes, fall is here. The lawn chair brigade rules once again.