MSL professional soccer logo.

MLS- men's professional soccer

Yahoo Yahoo World Soccer - News and match schedules for soccer around the world.
SouthernSoccerScene. Southern Soccer Scene

Stories about players in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia. Includes high school, youth club, college coverage.

SoccerTimes. Soccer Times

Up to date soccer news, with youth, college, national, MLS, and international news in a beautifully crafted web site.

Soccer Information Systems. Soccer Information Systems

Scores and schedules for high school and college.

SoccerAmerica. Soccer America

The web version of the popular soccer weekly with professional, college, and youth coverage.  Attractive layout but not as compelling as Soccernet is for English football.

Square Football. SquareFootball.Net

Original soccer articles from new football writers, that have some style and a sense of fun. Syndicated breaking soccer news from all the leading soccer sites. Opportunities for new football writers to have their work published on the web.

USA Today Logo. USA Today Soccer

A web version of the national newspaper.

US National Soccer Players logo.

US National Soccer Players has news about US National Team soccer players.

Womens Soccer World. Women's Soccer World

Women's soccer headlines.

ESPN Soccer. ESPN Soccer

Scores and news for US and international clubs and national sides, MLS coverage, and links to sports medicine sections in the ESPN site.

About Guide to Soccer. About Guide to Soccer

Soccer headlines, coaching tips, links to clubs and professional teams.

FIFA Online. FIFA Online

All the latest information from soccer's international governing body.  A beautifully constructed web site with news, laws of the game, and information about competitions.

Laws of the Game Logo. Laws of the Game

FIFA's Official Laws of the Game, including decisions of the International Board.   Download the complete and most current LOTG in several file formats.

Soccer Patch. Soccer Patch

Pictures of soccer patches from all over.  Many patches from both well-known and from obscure clubs are shown, all neatly organized.  Is your club's patch shown here?   If not, you can send one in.

Canada Soccer.

Canada Soccer

Official web site of Canada Soccer.

Slam Soccer. Slam! Soccer

Canada's best soccer news site with national, international, and professional news and results.

Back Of The Net. Back of the Net

A soccer site covering youth and high school play in the New York City area, including LIJSL, CJSL, and LILSL.  Want to see what kids from Valley Stream Blast and Massapequa do for fun?

National Soccer Rankings. National Soccer Rankings

Fun site with rankings of youth club teams in the United States.

Sweet Spot Soccer. SweetSpot Soccer

A site for soccer fans sponsored by the manufacturers of an elastic band device for player shoes.

Oregon Live HS soccer. Oregon Live High School Soccer

Very nice high school soccer pages, with separate sections for boys and girls.


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